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 Hi,​ My name is Thordur Bergmann and I’m an ex-smoker​.

​ In my personal journey, not only did I quit smoking permanently, but the effects of this lead me to making radical health changes that improved every other area of my life, as well.  

 I now have extensive research on the Smoking addiction and how you can quit in 5 simple steps that ​I want to share with you that I know will benefit you.

Thordur Bergmann Quit Smoking And Reduce Stress Expert
What smoking cigarettes does to your heart?
You will be quite amazed the risk of smoking actually is, and most smokers don´t know or their addiction has[...]
Smoking Weakens Immune System – Dental Medicine Study Shows!
This study shows that smoking weakens your immune system, this study was done by researchers at the Case Western Reserve[...]
11 Powerful Reasons To Quit Smoking!
One very important key to success is motivation. Motivation is the fuel to start the engine and keep it running,[...]
Teenagers who smoke and drink alcohol are causing visible damage to their arteries by the age of 17, a Shocking study has revealed!
It is very puzzling that many young people are taking up smoking despite the number of health warnings that there[...]
What Happens After You Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking can seem like a thankless thing. It's all craving and no fun, it can seem. Well, it only[...]
7 Awful Facts About Second Hand Smoking
Did you know that second hand smoking or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is a mixture of gases and fine particles[...]

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