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Smoking Weed Will Make You Lazy And Unmotivated

Smoking Weed Will Make You Lazy

In this cannabis study: Scientists say reduced willingness to exert themselves may explain why marijuana users do less well in education and work and it´s also known fact that Cannabis use has also been linked to anxiety and psychosis.

Smoking cannabis on a regular basis could make you lazy, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia gave the chemical tetrahydron, cannabinol (THC), the main brain-affecting ingredient in cannabis, to laboratory rats.

They found this made them less willing to carry out a complex task for a large reward, with most opting for an easier one despite a smaller prize.

“What’s interesting, however, is that their ability to do the difficult challenge was unaffected by THC. The rats could still do the task— they just didn’t want to.”

The type of cannabis sold as a recreational drug contains much higher levels of damaging THC than cannabis produced for medicinal purposes, which has more of a chemical called cannabidiol that is better for the brain.

THC has been linked to anxiety and psychosis, as well as problems with learning, memory and attention.

But the new study suggests that rather than making people less able to complete tasks, cannabis simply makes them less motivated to do so.

The researchers said their findings might explain why cannabis use is linked to poorer education, lower earnings and worse employment prospects.

Scientists gave 29 rats doses of THC to see whether it made them less likely to opt for tasks that required more effort.

Rats were presented with a choice of levers, with some resulting in low-effort tasks that delivered small food rewards and others leading to high-effort tasks that resulted in big food rewards.

Under normal circumstances, most rats choose a harder challenge to earn a bigger reward. But after being drugged they switched to the easier option.

THC was found to cause changes in the medial prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain involved in in decision-making.

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What Happens To Your Skin While Smoking?

Did you know that smoking cigarettes ages you faster physically. Smoking is associated with many of health effects, including effects on the skin. For example: smoking is associated with premature ageing and wrinkles.

What Happens To Your Skin When You Smoke Smoking is also associated with very serious skin conditions, like carcinoma of the skin (a type of skin cancer) and psoriasis. What many people don’t realize is that nicotine inflicts damage to the skin and natural hue of the lips.

Being chronic cigarette and cigar smoker can, over time, discolor your lips. Smoking doesn’t only damage the appearance of your face; it can also take a toll on your figure. As skin loses its elasticity, parts that were once firm may begin to droop.

Smoking is ranked only second to sun exposure as the leading cause of wrinkles. It interferes with the absorption of Vitamin A and C both of which provide us with skin protection. This is because nicotine the main ingredient in cigarettes promotes dehydration.

It also narrows the blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin. This impairs blood flow depleting it of oxygen and important nutrients such as Vitamin A. It also damages collagen and elastin. These are both fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity making it sag and wrinkle prematurely.

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People who smoke also tend to develop yellow teeth, gum disease, persistent bad breath, and all-kind of other nasty oral hygiene problems.

Smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to lose teeth. Both men and women tend to develop thinner hair as they age. Some studies even suggest people who smoke are more likely to go bald.

If you are still smoking, I recommend that you take more Vitamin C than non-smokers to counteract the detrimental effects of smoking on the skin. But of-course I rather want to help you to quit smoking for good then just recommend to take Vitamin C so with that said  if you are ready to stop smoking then you can subscribe to my tips here below.

I also welcome any comment you might have.

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What Happens If You Smoke While Your Pregnant

What Happens When You Smoke While Pregnant What happens when smoking while pregnant?

Well for starters I think we can all agree on that it´s common knowledge that smoking while pregnant can be extremely harmful to the health of an unborn child.

For example, drinking during pregnancy greatly increases the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage or cerebral palsy.

And while a cigarette a day doesn’t seem like much, it can cause birth defects, premature birth and low weight.  But how exactly do these substances affect children in the womb and what are the risks of taking them?

In a study of over 25,000 pregnant women, the likelihood of stillbirth was doubled among women who smoked during pregnancy and the risk of infant mortality nearly doubled as well.

However, when women give up smoking during the first trimester of their pregnancy, the risk decreased to that of nonsmokers. This shows quitting as soon as possible can help protect an unborn child’s health.

The chance of miscarriage also increases with the number of cigarettes smoked during pregnancy.

A review of 98 studies on tobacco smoke exposure and miscarriage by researchers from the University of Southern California found for every cigarette smoked by a pregnant woman per day, the risk increases by one per cent.

Even exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy can elevate the chance of miscarriage by 11 per cent. On average, placental abruption occurs in nearly two per cent of pregnancies – but smoking escalates the danger.

The risk increases by 40 per cent for every year a woman has smoked before becoming pregnant, according to a study at Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore.

Premature birth can cause serious health complications for babies, including heart and respiratory problems, brain hemorrhage, and immune disorders.

Smoking has been found to increase the risk of premature birth, and this risk grows the more a woman smokes during pregnancy – research from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia found.

Low birth weight, typically defined as a weight of less than 5.5lbs (around 2.5kg) at birth, is linked with a greater risk of illness, infection and learning disabilities.

Smoking during pregnancy is associated with a 75 per cent greater risk of low birth weight, experts from Fukuoka University, Japan, found.

An increased risk of cleft palate or cleft lip also occurs due to expectant mothers smoking habits, according to scientists from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Hygiene and Public Health.

Mental Help provides informational resources for a variety of mental health issues, behavioral addictions and substance use disorders. It cited research from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden which showed smoking tobacco dramatically increases the risk of stillbirth.

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Why Do Poor People Smoke More Than Rich People?

Some say it is so easy to blame folks in poverty for making bad choices with their lives. But it’s more complicated than that and not fair. These dam tobacco companies with their Do Poor People Smoke More endless budget to invest target these communities to encourage the habit, and the stresses of living in poverty and sometimes hopelessness also cause people to turn to cigarettes and they are made to believe that smoking will reduce stress, which we know it is a big fat lie.

With more cigarette advertising: larger signs, and three times as many brand ads. Tobacco manufacturers also specifically target young people in lower socioeconomic and minority neighborhoods and sell cheaper cigarettes in poor communities. This is an unconscionable strategy on the part of Big Tobacco.

Another factor is that economic hardships, such as hunger, unstable housing and problems keeping the heat on are stressful and unhealthy for children. And childhood adversity is linked to unhealthy behaviors later, particularly to smoking. A Duke University study found that “worries about paying bills or needing to sell possessions for cash independently erode a child’s self-control, regardless of strong parenting.” That lack of self-control often leads to smoking.

Clearly public health programs such as tobacco taxes and smoke-free public places and housing have worked in reducing smoking rates, but it seems poorer communities are being overlooked.

Smoking is the top cause of preventable deaths in the United States. It causes lung cancer, heart disease, bronchitis, emphysema and more — expensive health crises to add to the problems of the poor.

To prevent smoking and keep young people from starting, it will take more than public health messages for sure. It will require changing our economic policies to improve our neighborhood living conditions. People need well-paying jobs and safe communities to reduce the stress that often underlies smoking.

And in this economy it seems like the tobacco companies will thrive yet again and again.

In my opinion these tobacco companies needs to be highly regulated and the cigarette pack need to look dull and only with list of the toxic ingredients and warning signs of all kind of bad it is for the health to smoke and it would be wonderful thing if Hollywood would finally start demonizing smoking, that factor alone would make the tobacco companies run for their money.


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