Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

While you certainly can use hypnosis for stop smoking, you have to realize that hypnosis is only a way to help enhance your own will. Even before you try hypnosis, you want to try your best to strengthen your own personal will. You can’t just treat hypnosis to quit smoking like it was a drug that could

work with or without your trying. It might work over the short term, but without personally being committed to trying, whatever success you find will not last. With that little disclaimer behind us, let’s see how hypnosis actually works for smokers.

When the practitioner hypnotizes you, he induces you to enter a new plane of consciousness – where you’re fully awake, but your conscious brain ducks out of the action. When you’re in this state, when your conscious brain checks out, the rest of you is usually quite open to suggestion.

The thing is, self hypnotism can never make you do anything that your inner mind never wanted to do in the first place. So you can rest assured that your free will is still in charge. However, if you’re subconscious wants to do something but your conscious brain is just too messed up to allow it to do what it wants, then hypnotism works.

What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotized For Stop Smoking?

Everyone has experienced it from time to time. It happens when they are so engrossed in something that they lose track of time. It happens when there really concentrating on something or when you’re really good book or when there really happy together with their romantic partner. It kind of feels like it spent 5 min., when in fact it has been two hours. That’s what it feels like to be hypnotized – or an inner part of you takes charge.

Using self hypnosis to stop smoking can be a really powerful thing. It can take your own willpower and put it in charge of you. When it’s very hard to stop smoking, when you feel terrible about quitting and you crave for that cigarette, it isn’t the the real you talking. It’s your conscious brain that’s influenced by a thousand things it sees around.

I started smoking in my teenage years so i had been a smoker for 20 years and i had tried to quit many times through the years like most smokers do on a frequent basis with no success. After years of smoking, my wife finally convinced me to quit. Through the years I tried every solution under the sun to quit smoking for good, and everything I tried failed.

I knew because of my past failures that if I wanted to quit smoking for good, I could not just throw away my cigarettes in the trash and buy all of the shiny gadgets and aid crunches and hope for the best. I needed a real plan to be successful without having to suffer from terrible feelings of withdrawal or weight gain.

So I went deep into research on how to quit smoking addiction that would be the easiest way to stop this horrible addiction with in mind to not gain any extra weight and without side effects, after months of research I finally found the tactics that really works.

I want to share with you all of my research and tactics so you can be successful too, you will learn that the fact that anybody can not only stop smoking but find it quite easy to quit by using my strategies.

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