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Acupuncture to Quit Smoking Does It Work?

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking Does It Work To anyone trying to quit nicotine, acupuncture really is an option to take a close look at. The use of acupuncture to quit smoking has reputedly been quite successful in the past. In fact, as some self-styled experts have discovered, acupuncture often proves itself quite useful in every kind of addiction.

This particular smoking cessation method succeeds because it can directly tap your nerves and help you right any imbalances in your brain chemistry. What is more, acupuncture is also able to heal any damage to your health that smoking may cause.

While you might think of it as just picking places in the body to stick into, acupuncture, to practitioners of skill, can be about much more than that. They have many kinds of protocol in place that that they use to help you achieve a medical aim.

The evidence to do with how effective acupuncture to quit smoking may be sparse. But the niche that it does serve tends to be extremely enthusiastic about it.

Only 3% of people who try to quit each year actually manage it. In other words, you certainly have your job cut out for you. The withdrawal symptoms can be very hard to take for instance. Acupuncture can help because it directly taps your nerves to kill some of the side effects that are to be expected when you try to quit.

For instance, most people who try to quit smoking quickly find that they are on edge all the time. With acupuncture, the irritability is quickly seen off. There are some who say that it helps detoxify the body as well.

The problem though, is that there’s no real evidence of a scientific nature that shows acupuncture is actually able to help achieve results. For instance, there are no tests that show how smokers who use acupuncture enjoy a better success rate.

It’s not that there are no studies on how acupuncture to quit smoking works. It’s that the studies, when they are done, are found to not be entirely scientific in the way they are done. Some studies actually succeed at proving that the benefits that smokers claim for acupuncture may entirely be in their imagination.

Basically, with as little evidence as there is to show what exactly acupuncture does for those are try to quit, no doctor will actually send you that way. But  if you find a good practitioner, it couldn’t hurt to try.

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