It was a British scientist who first thought of what the British like to call a safe cigarette. It is a tubular-shaped device that you can suck on like you would a cigarette, that delivers a kind of nicotine vapor. The device has become quite popular since then and is now known as the nicotine inhaler.

The nicotine inhaler isn’t a cigarette. It doesn’t have tobacco and it doesn’t burn. It does give a smoker some of what he’s looking for though – it gives them something to use that sort of looks like a cigarette, it gives him something to drag on just like you would with a cigarette, and it gives him the high he’s looking for.

It might be a better way to go because it doesn’t annoy anyone around him and it doesn’t destroy his lungs.

Basically, the nicotine inhalator works by drawing air through the inhalator and releasing nicotine, and upon inhalation the nicotine is absorbed into your bloodstream through the lining of your mouth. This relieves the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. that comes with quitting smoking.

But are the best nicotine inhalers everything that their promoters claim it to be?

Well, it depends how you look at it. Certainly, the nicotine inhaler is a safer alternative. But that’s small relief; the cigarette is so bad for you, but to merely be better than it doesn’t really go far enough.

At one time, scientists used to think that nicotine was the least harmful of all the things the various chemicals and substances that cigarette smoke contained. They don’t think that anymore.

Nicotine can change a lot of things and how your body works. It can make your immune system slow down, it can set the digestive system, and it speeds up aging by making it difficult for the body to do away with old cells.

Here is why your risk of cancer rises.

There is a well-known term for what happens when the body finds it difficult to let old and useless cells die. It’s called cancer. You see, cancer isn’t some terrible disease that only happens to some people. It’s a natural process that we all have going on within us.

We always have mutant cells trying to multiply in our bodies, and the body usually finds a way to get rid of them. When we smoke though, the body begins to lose its ability to stop natural cancer. When tumors come up in the lungs or anywhere else, your nicotine-addled body cannot get rid of it properly anymore.

Do the best nicotine inhalers really help you Quit Smoking?

Even if you go with the best inhalers the thing is that E-cigarettes and nicotine inhalers aren’t really aids that help you quit smoking. They’re not like the nicotine replacement therapy devices we know about – like nicotine patches.

Those devices only give you a small quantity of nicotine, to keep you from losing your mind without tobacco. On the other hand, E-cigarettes and nicotine inhalers can give you a full blast of nicotine.

The best of the best nicotine inhalers might help you quit smoking if you’re really, really determined. But they don’t do as much as you would think.

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