Smoking Cessation Programs

In my research I found many smoking cessation programs out there and to be honest most of them are geared for you to fail as most of them are sponsored by the tobaccos companies. Yeah right like they have our best interest in our hearts.

Are you still one of those chain smokers, who can literally never be seen without a cigarette in-hand? You’re puffing away at the diner table, you’re sucking on the tobacco stick while reading in the bed, heck you’re even getting your nicotine fix where it´s not allowed but you risk it because you need the fix.

I think be both can agree on that these cancer sticks are ruling your life. I say this because you can’t get along without them, as it will always be love/hate relationship. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life as a slave to cigarettes? I think we both know it’s high time for a decent smoking cessation program. The sooner the better.

I feel and I can relate to you as I lost my mother from cancer due to smoking and I was a smoker over 20 years with countless failures to quit until I was finally able to quit for good and it feels great to be an ex-smoker and I want the same-thing for you so I want to share with what made the difference for me to quit.

Here are my 5 Simple Steps and smoking cessation programs that are popular that you can use with my steps if you feel my steps are not enough for you, whatever edge you think you need to be able to quit for once and for all, your success is the only thing that matter in the end.

Step 1:

Decide on your quit day and prepare of your big day.

Step 2:

Ask only support to those that are still smokers and ex smokers to be understanding of that you might be not be with your normal self for couple of weeks and with people that are still smokers, tell them that you can´t be around them for awhile for obvious reasons.

Don´t put the unnecessary pressure on yourself by telling everybody you are quitting.

Step 3:

Get enough sleep and please try to get as many power naps during your day as you can get away with. Resting is very important.

Step 4:

Drink plenty of water or cranberry, carrot juice and drink lemon water in the morning to get important minerals. Never get thirsty as it plays huge part of working against withdrawal symptoms.

Step 5:

Learn how to meditate for relaxation as it has been scientifically proven to calm your nerves to conquer any stress or anxiety that might come your way and to be honest it most likely will come from time to time while you are going through your quit smoking withdrawal journey.

Here Below Are More Smoking Cessation Programs That are Popular:

A number of online stop smoking program options are also available consisting of nicotine replacement therapy and support groups and forums available for smokers who need more intensive support.

One of the most important things to remember if you are going to quit smoking is that you can never have enough information. In our generation, quitting smoking is encouraged by the government and society in general.

You can also find a great deal of information through governmental organizations on how bad smoking is for you and they also have smoking cessions that you will learn coping techniques, dealing with cravings, curbing anxiety, and ways not to gain weight like in my 5 simple steps but many with their own take on it to help you to quit.

There  are also smoking aids that focus only the use of a particular product. It may be a gum, a patch, app, hypnosis, or even a prescription drug. Each program has rules and guidelines for you to follow. Each program will have pros and cons.

Another popular method is herbal remedies to quit smoking. They often come the form of a supplement but there are also herbal cigarettes with none of the addictive features of real cigarettes. Herbal remedies are often touted as miracles and many ex-smokers have had success with them just like with with the products I mention above.

You should discuss the product or any smoking cessation program with your doctor before using any of them.

As many people are allergic to certain herbs or prescription drugs and don’t even know it or if you have any type of health condition, some herbal remedies may not be safe for you.


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