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Why Do Kids Start Smoking Cigarettes

Why Do Kids Start Smoking I started smoking at the age of 15 and I smoked over 20 years with many fails attempt to stop smoking and i had tried to give up smoking many times through the years like most smokers do on a frequent basis with no success and it makes me very sad to see that young kids, teens are starting this horrible smoking addiction.

As I see it  kids and teen start smoking cigarettes with same reason why I started smoking in my teen years, it´s because of group pressure from our peers and then on top of that celebrities smoke in their music videos and movies and they make it look so cool and sexy to smoke so it is no surprise to me why do kids start smoking cigarettes in the first place.

But we need work together and guide them in the right direction with role models and inform them on how much they are effecting their health and maybe it would be wise to take them to a trip to the hospital and show them the dying cancer patients, maybe that is something that the school should do when they are around 10 – 13 years old, it sounds drastic and over the top to do something like that fearing it may scar them for life, but in my opinion I rather kids looks at smoking cigarettes as the boogie man than cool and sexy and so grown up to do kinda thing.

What do you think?

Don´t you think we e must do all we can to reduce smoking rates, especially because the vast majority of smokers start before they turn 19. Last week’s commitment from the government to further explore standardized packaging for tobacco products is a step in the right direction that will give children one less reason to start smoking.’

Dr Penny Woods, from the British Lung Foundation, said: ‘Although the thought of nearly 20 classrooms-full of children taking up smoking every day should be shocking, the sad thing is that it comes as no surprise.


‘It is even sadder to think that, at current rates, half of these children are likely to eventually die as a result of their habit if they continue smoking.’

Why Do Kids Start Smoking Cigarettes Children are also more likely to be sucked in by branding and advertising, as well as being influenced by the depiction of smoking in films, the study showed so it proofs my point that celebrities that smokes in their movies or music videos are also to blame and share great deal of responsibility since they are role models for kids,teens that tend to idolize them.

Here is an article that shows that Almost 600 children take up smoking every day across Britain some as young as 11 now that is horrific numbers. We need to invest more effort stop teen smoking cigarettes.

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