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What Are The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking, in some people’s minds, are more than offset by the way they could end up putting on about 10 pounds when their body is denied its fix. Nicotine is well-known for its ability to curb one’s appetite. When your body doesn’t have nicotine standing in the way of a good meal, you eat healthier portions and you do put on a little bit of weight – women especially.

But really, weight doesn’t have to be any reason why you should overlook the benefits of quitting smoking. There are ways by which you can offset whatever happens.

Have you ever heard of that little psychological trick that keeps you from idly snacking on something between meals? People have something about taking all the trouble to clean something and then watching it get dirty again. They’ll usually go to great lengths to not have it happen.

When you brush your teeth right after a meal, you feel good about the nice minty freshness you got going there and you rarely want to casually ruin it. This actually does help you stay away from snacking. In fact, if you just quit smoking, you probably have all these nicotine pangs as well that you need to fight. That nice minty freshness you spent time on, you usually don’t want to ruin with a smelly cigarette.

Sometimes though, you do need to give in to a couple of snacks through the day. But you want to give in on your terms, and not the terms of the pangs that come from how you miss nicotine. What you need to do is to schedule your snacking and keep it down to low-fat stuff like pretzels or baby carrots or celery sticks. This way, you won’t be tempted to make a visit to the vending machine because you’re so hungry, you can’t get any work done.

So you crave nicotine; and you crave food. Often, that can be too much for one person’s sanity. There’s a way to take care of this though – it’s called hearty exercise. Grab your regular exercise partner, and work out regularly. When you worry about letting your partner down, you’ll show up more regularly for your routines. Exercise releases stress-busting endorphin’s.

The body has a habit – it’ll mostly only hear one kind of message at a time. If you feel pain, something that’s even stronger than that, like a massage oil that gives you quite a buzz, will mask the pain. If you feel a nicotine craving, endorphin’s, that give you a stronger buzz than nicotine, will silence everything else.

Your nicotine cravings usually work in a very predictable way. There are certain times of the day that they’ll strike the strongest. Usually, those are the times before or after meals. And when they strike, usually, you want to compensate with more food.

You need to keep a journal to find out the exact times of the day you have the most difficult nicotine-related hunger pangs. Schedule time with your friends for exactly those times of the day, and you should come out ahead. The benefits of quitting smoking are far too important for you to let a little weight come between you and those benefits.

In this quit smoking timeline table I will present you with in more details on what are the benefits of quitting smoking cigarettes exactly and the amount of time they will begin to appear.

I started smoking in my teenage years so i had been a smoker for 20 years and i had tried to quit many times through the years like most smokers do on a frequent basis with no success. After years of smoking, my wife finally convinced me to quit. Through the years I tried every solution under the sun to quit smoking for good, and everything I tried failed.

I knew because of my past failures that if I wanted to quit smoking for good, I could not just throw away my cigarettes in the trash and buy all of the shiny gadgets and aid crunches and hope for the best. I needed a real plan to be successful without having to suffer from terrible feelings of withdrawal or weight gain.

So I went deep into research on how to quit smoking addiction that would be the easiest way to stop this horrible addiction with in mind to not gain any extra weight and without side effects, after months of research I finally found the tactics that really works.

I want to share with you all of my research and tactics so you can be successful too, you will learn that the fact that anybody can not only stop smoking but find it quite easy to quit by using my strategies.

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