What Happens After You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can seem like a thankless thing. It’s all craving and no fun, it can seem. Well, it only seems thankless if you completely leave out how wonderful your body begins to feel after you quit smoking.

About 20 min. after your last cigarette, your heart is able to finally relax. Your blood pressure comes down to a normal level and so does your pulse rate. And those cold hands that your significant other has always complained of (yours, not hers)? Those go away immediately.

Your hands and your feet begin to warm up immediately.

If you can keep it up for a few hours, you begin to feel much better. The carbon monoxide poisons in your blood begin to evaporate away. There’s more oxygen available in your blood all of a sudden. You’re more levelheaded, and you’re thinking more clearly.

If you can keep it up for a full day, your heart can really heave a sigh of relief. Your chances of a heart attack begin to recede. You begin to really sense that things are getting better two days later (if you can keep it up that long). Nerve endings all over your body begin to sprout afresh. And you begin to smell and taste things better.

It can feel wonderful planning to quit smoking. You can feel like you’re heading up to something momentous like it’s a chance to do something and prove yourself. There’s fear of how difficult it will be, and there is the intense sense of a challenge to be one.

Of course, the subtle rewards you get after you quit smoking aren’t enough. But every day that goes by that you don’t fall off the wagon can make you feel really powerful – like you’re really in control of your destiny.

And you are. Quitting smoking is so difficult because it isn’t just a single habit all by itself. It’s something we connect to everything we do. We learn to work a certain way while puffing on a cigarette.

We learn to handle stress, happiness, anticipation – everything – as an extension of how we smoke when it happens.

After you quit smoking, it’ll be like you have to relearn your whole life.

Quitting smoking can feel bad also for the reason that all smokers often find themselves in the position that they have to justify their smoking addiction to the naysayers. When you quit yourself, it can sometimes feel embarrassing – like you just proved yourself wrong.

If you want to read in more detail on what happens after you quit smoking then here is the quit smoking timeline that covers the hours, days, months even years when you stop smoking.

The best thing you can do to overcome your addiction and these feelings you are going through is to educate yourself about how this addiction works and how to quit smoking without you going insane in process.

You will feel so much solace reading about what other people have been through that been there that´s why I started this smoking cession website so I can help you to be successful as I have been there just like you are now.

I want to share with you my best kept secrets from “aha” to “oh shit, I wish I knew that sooner ”I’m sharing everything about how smoking addiction works and how You can quit!

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