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What Happens When You Quit Smoking

Here is what happens when you quit smoking, it is quite amazing how fast your body starts to recover. Let´s dive into the details shall we.

Within hours of stopping cigarettes, your brain starts to feel the need to get his dosage so it causes withdrawal symptoms because of the powerful drug nicotine in cigarettes. Like heroin or other addictive drugs, our body and brain quickly become so used to the nicotine in cigarettes that the smoker needs to smoke just to feel normal again.

Many smokers have other complaints about what happens when you quit smoking, that strikes a chord with most doctors. People always report gaining a lot of weight as a result of their decision.

It’s nothing more than maybe 10 pounds that they gain, but it’s understandable that anyone would be upset. Right away, it can be alarming and feel like you just gave up one kind of negative effect for another. Why does this happen though?

Hunger pangs and putting on weight after quitting smoking come out of different factors. To begin with, smoking is something that raises your body’s metabolism rate.

What means is, when you smoke, the nicotine in it makes your body warmer and makes it burn more fat. Once you stop smoking, you no longer have the nicotine to artificially raise your body temperature.

On the other hand, quitting smoking lowers your happiness hormone, serotonin. When you are irritable and unhappy, carbohydrate cravings can overtake you as your body tries to get your serotonin levels back up. The more you eat, the more weight you put on. If this is what happens when you quit smoking, is there a way you can preempt the whole cycle?

The first thing to do here would be to pay careful attention to how you spend the unoccupied time you have that you used to spend on the smoking activity at one time. Smoking is an activity that does take a certain amount commitment of time and effort.

There is the act of walking down to the vending machine, there is the elevator ride you take down so that you can smoke out on the street. The  time now that you are left with that is unoccupied, you need to find something similar to spend on. Lots of people spend the time walking down to the vending machine to grab a buttery and sugary snack.

You need to make sure that you understand that even if what happens when you quit smoking would under other circumstances be considered a bit unhealthy, effects such as putting on weight for instance, there is nothing on earth that is as unhealthy as smoking, and you did the right thing quitting it. Watching your weight roll up on the scale can’t feel like much of a reward for all that you put yourself through to quit. But sometimes, life rewards you in mysterious ways.

To make the best of the situation, make sure that you plan ahead. Carry low fat snacks with you. Sugar-free gum, mints will help you clean out your palate when the craving hits you. Exercise is also great way to take your mind off the craving. If you wish to occupy your hands, bring a water bottle with you. And make sure you don’t find a rebound habit.

Quitting smoking can be hard journey to follow through because of all the quit smoking side effects, but here is the thing I discovered: It does not have to be.

I started smoking in my teenage years so i had been a smoker for 20 years and i had tried to quit many times through the years like most smokers do on a frequent basis with no success. After years of smoking, my wife finally convinced me to quit.

Through the years I tried every solution under the sun to quit smoking for good, and everything I tried failed.

I knew because of my past failures that if I wanted to quit smoking for good, I could not just throw away my cigarettes in the trash and buy all of the shiny gadgets and aid crunches and hope for the best. I needed a real plan to be successful without having to suffer from terrible feelings of withdrawal or weight gain.

So I went deep into research on how to quit smoking addiction that would be the easiest way to stop this horrible addiction with in mind to not gain any extra weight and without side effects, after months of research I finally found the tactics that really works.

I want to share with you all of my research and tactics so you can be successful too, you will learn that the fact that anybody can not only stop smoking but find it quite easy to quit by using my strategies that you can read in my book that will be released very soon.

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